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Asobu Insulated "On the Rocks" Cooler

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The Asobu® Insulated “On the Rocks” Cooler is ideal for keeping your liquor chilled whether on the rocks or “neat”. The slim double wall vacuum Asobu® Insulated “On the Rocks” Cooler fits over the standard US made straight up Old Fashion rocks glass (1 included).  Chill out with a nice hard drink that will remain chilled. Whether indoors or outdoors, enjoy the great taste of your favorite “on the rocks” liquor served perfectly chilled with the Asobu® Insulated “On the Rocks” Cooler!


  • IMSA logo laser engraved on one side
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel
  • Insulated “On the Rocks” Cooler fits standard
  • Old Fashion Glass (included)
  • Keeps your drink chilled whether on ice or how you enjoy drinking it